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Benchmarking Web Frameworks

I had some time over the weekend, and I decided that I would benchmark some web frameworks for possible backend API to work with in the future. I copied how Koa.js does its benchmark. I prepared Ruby on Rails, Restify, and Spark to be benchmarked. You can see the code hosted on GitHub here.

Here are the results of the benchmarks. The number represents requests / second. Higher is better.

frameworks req/s
ruby on rails 48.73
restify 8117.63
spark 32634.10

Web framework benchmarked

I knew Ruby on Rails is slow, but I had no idea that it's this slow. And on the other hand, I knew Java web frameworks are generally fast, but I had no idea that Spark is that fast! And Restify occupies a sweet spot between Ruby on Rails and Spark.

We can draw some conclusions from the findings.

  • Use Spark for very highly trafficked microservices that requires requests to be served at low latency
  • Use Restify for all kinds of backend API when you want to leverage a vast catalog of Node.js packages and great development tools
  • Reserve using Ruby on Rails for product oriented application only. I would not recommend Ruby on Rails for backend API that needs to serve a large traffic.