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I found out that someone who is a friend and a coworker passed away years ago, and I didn't know about it until today. I felt bad that I hadn't tried to reach out to him more when I had the chance. He was a sincere guy who was always positive. It makes me angry that someone so good passed away when he was just 23. All the possibilities and dreams he might have had, they are all gone. He didn't even get a shot at life.

People talk about unfairness a lot. They complain about how things are so unfair in life. I do too. In a way, this game called life is rigged. Some people really have many advantages in life while other don't. You can rightly complain about how life is unfair because it really is so. But what does that get you? Nothing. It'll in fact mess you up even more. It'll weaken you and keep you stagnant. If you notice you are behind, think about how you are going to catch up.

In fact, a vast majority of people even if they are way way behind others, if they are living a life, working hard, studying, striving to better himself and others, they are trying. Everyday, you get another chance at life. A chance some others don't have.