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Using Next.js To Create Statically Generated Blog

I heard great things about Tailwind.css and I've wanted to try it. I also wanted to redesign my blog and stop using Octopress. This was a good opportunity to do both by recreating my blog using Tailwind.css and move away from using Octopress. I wanted to make sure I understood how different internal parts were working together to produce the static pages. I chose Next.js as it is a popular and well maintained tool that is capable of turning React components into static pages.

My blog has two kinds of pages. I have an index page that fetches all the blog posts and show the list of posts. Another page I have is a blog post page that shows the content of the blog post.

The index page is created by getting a list of files in the _posts directory where I store all the blog posts in markdown format. I use slug NPM package to create a url path for blog posts. I also have to parse the date of the posts and format it.

The blog post page needs the content of the blog post. In order to do that, I need to search for the blog post file using the slug from the url path. Once I get the file, I need to convert the markdown content to HTML using remark.

Now that the data and rendering of the posts are ready, I used Tailwind.css to style the website. Tailwind.css's utility class first approach to style is wonderful to use. I haven't written a single line of my own style. Instead all I did was add classes to DOM. All the complexities with CSS that's not fun to deal with is happily abstracted away. I had to add markdown style that was created by someone else, but that was easy to do.

It is more work to create moving parts yourself, but knowing how different pieces fit together gives you abiliity to modify as you would like to. I would like to add sitemap and RSS feed to my blog.

I have the code for the blog here.

Here are some additional resources that I used to create the blog.